Have you noticed that your air conditioning doesn’t seem to be doing a good job? Perhaps there’s a musty smell in your cabin that won’t go away no matter how many times you’ve cleaned your car? Hot temperatures can cause a myriad of problems for car owners. However, you can avoid significant issues by coming in to our Honda service center for summer maintenance.

Fluid Refill and Flush

Heat evaporates and degrades the quality of fluids. That’s why it’s essential to check your fluids regularly and top off any that are low. We offer Honda service that inspects your fluid quality, changes filters, and if needed, replaces it. Certain fluids, such as your coolant, play a significant role in keeping your engine fresh and helping prevent overheating. If it’s been a while since you checked your fluids out, then give our team a call, and we can examine each.

A/C Inspection

Nothing is worse than being on vacation when your air conditioning goes out. That’s why our Honda service center offers A/C inspections. Our trained technicians examine the hoses and system for leaks or loose connections. If something needs replacing, we use only genuine Honda parts. Plus, we install new air filters to ensure that your car smells fresh every time you get inside.

If you’re overdue for maintenance or have concerns, contact us today! You can use our online scheduling system or call our Honda service center to make your appointment. At Stevens Point Honda, we work hard to help you beat the heat this summer.